All Grupo Satocan hotels achieve the Travelife Gold certificate

Travelife is a leading initiative in training, management and certification for tourism companies committed to achieving sustainability

Grupo Satocan Turístico has been firmly committed to sustainability for years and it is undoubtedly something that has positively affected customer satisfaction. Without going any further, Gold by Marina, managed by Renaud Gregoire, who has been ranking among the top positions on Tripadvisor for years (today it is number 1) and is recognized with TUI HOLLY and TUI Top Quality every year since its launch, was the first hotel managed by Satocan Group that received the Travelife certificate in 2018. It is not just that good management offers positive results for the image of the complex, it is what it also generates in terms of business efficiency and the motivation of the team that builds and contributes with its good practices to reduce the impact generated by the hotel's activity.

Satocan conceives sustainability management including each agent that enters its value and supply chain. In this way, it tries to influence and support its suppliers so that they join this commitment, facilitating decision-making and being consistent with the objectives that the Group has set in terms of sustainability. These last few years have been especially difficult for the sector, but that has not prevented Marina Gran Canaria from obtaining the certification proposed in 2021 by Jorge Martín, Director of Marina Suites and Bayview, located in Puerto Rico, and this year they have joined Salobre Hotel Resort and Serenity and Buendía Corralejo Nohotel, the non-hotel that the Group launched in the summer of 2019. All the hotels are located in unique locations and, from the conception of the project, respect for their surroundings has been very much in mind. Salobre, a micro-destination within the immense tourist destination that is already the south of Gran Canaria, "has such an intimate relationship with its surroundings: flora and fauna, native species, paths, natural landscapes, with health and well-being, which is impossible to separate the hotel from the resort and the resort from the hotel”, tells us Manolo Rivero, Director of Salobre Hotel.

The Travelife certification program follows a three-phase approach: Commitment, in which the company commits and establishes the most appropriate sustainability management procedures. The Partner phase, based on the Sustainability Report in accordance with the basic requirements, evaluated by Travelife. And finally, the Certification, which is the overcoming of this third phase by which the Travelife Certification is obtained, based on the International Travelife Standards. Their compliance will be verified by an independent auditor through an on-site audit.

The excellence in sustainability achieved by the Satocan Group hotels has allowed them to obtain the Travelife Gold. Isabel Schmunkamp, ​​head of the Group's Sustainability Unit, states that "although we still have a lot to do and learn, this only confirms that we are still on the right track to offer the most desired products from the Canary Islands, and we remain convinced that we want to convert opportunities in tourist experiences that you want to repeat and recommend. The company takes into account the impact that its decisions have on the environment and for this reason, it works above all on the sustainability and efficiency of its complexes.”

All the Grupo Satocan Turístico complexes have always stood out for occupying the top positions on TripAdvisor and each year it obtains different recognitions such as Tui Holly, Apollo Awards or Travelers Choice or more recently, being among the 10 best hotel chains in the world and leader of Canary Islands according to Review Pro.

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