‘All eyes off me’: from confusion to ‘millennial’ peace

Still from 'All eyes off me'.

Still from ‘All eyes off me’.

‘All eyes off me’

Address Fairies Ben Aroya

Interpreters Elisheva Weil, Leib Lev Levin, Yoav Hayt, Hadar Katz

Year 2021

Premiere July 30, 2021 (Filmin)


The young Israeli filmmaker Fairies Ben Aroya continues to demonstrate in his second feature film, ‘All eyes off me’, that he is one of the most interesting voices of a new generation that is committed to risk when breaking taboos and that he is capable of expressing his concerns in a challenging way.

As was the case in his debut feature,People that are not me, we find again sex, relationships between twentysomethings, millennial spirit and that lack of connection and isolation that seems to take over everything.

The film begins with noise and disorientation and ends in absolute silence and peace. Some characters will be relieved with others until they configure three stories that lead us from confusion to harmony. The first follows a girl at a party who has just found out that she is pregnant and finds the person responsible with a young woman who has given her a like on Instagram. The second part focuses on the sexual relationship between the latter and talks about the limits of consent and the third (the best) of the improbable romance between two antithetical people who, however, end up fitting together perfectly.

The director uses long fixed shots to let the chemistry flow between her protagonists. Everything is captured in a transparent way, without shame, but with elegance and its background is human and sensitive, as full of contradictions as deeply revealing moments.


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