"All Democrats are threatened with death if we don't stop Vox at the polls"

The Minister of Industry and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, has denounced at the congressional police station the threat she has received through a letter with a bloody razor. After filing the corresponding complaint, the socialist has admitted to journalists that she feels some "fear" because "this is serious", but has assured that the threats give them even more "strength" if possible to continue working and fighting against the hate speech: "That's why I'm here, they're not going to intimidate us." As has happened since Fernando Grande-Marlaska, María Gámez and Pablo Iglesias received envelopes with bullets inside, left-wing forces have singled out Vox for encouraging confrontation. "Today all Democrats are threatened with death if we do not stop Vox at the polls," said Maroto after leaving the police station.

The parties condemn the threats to Reyes Maroto although Vox and PP limit themselves to rejecting violence in the abstract

The parties condemn the threats to Reyes Maroto although Vox and PP limit themselves to rejecting violence in the abstract

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"This is serious, nobody is inventing anything," the minister reiterated, referring to the questioning made by the far-right party about the threats, even accusing the Government of a "montage". "We live in a country that has left many wars behind and we are going to continue working for peace and coexistence in the face of people who believe that we do not fit in, that we have to go," said Maroto, "and even our lives are at stake. I ask to all those who defend democracy, join their voices to say loud and clear that hatred will not silence us. "

"It is a threat to any of us, any of us can be buying and that someone wants to attempt against our life," the minister has warned, who has asked to abandon "this tension to talk about good politics." The one who will be economic vice president if Ángel Gabilondo governs after the 4M has insisted that the threats will not "silence" the democrats. "We will defend democracy and if that means that at the polls we have to stop to the extreme right, then we will have to go to the polls to tell them that enough is enough," said Maroto, who has called on Madrilenians to vote to prevent Vox from having representation . "We all have to do the sanitary cordon so that Vox does not reach not only the Assembly but also the institutions," said the socialist leader, who also took the opportunity to urge Isabel Díaz Ayuso to say if she intends to govern with the extreme right. The Madrid president has rejected the sanitary cordon to Vox.

Maroto explained that the first thing he did after receiving the letter - which arrived at the ministry on Friday - was to call his family to tell them that he was fine. "It worries me that people put the focus on me who I do not represent more than someone who defends doing things well and who works for Madrid and the world to be a little better," said the minister, who recalled that she neither it has not even been immersed in any controversy during its mandate.

Regarding the letter received at the ministry and that the security scanner bypassed thanks to a CD that prevented security from detecting the weapon, Maroto has said that on this occasion he did carry a return address and that is what he has made known to the Forces and State Security Bodies that are trying to find the person who allegedly sent it.


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