All against Batet for the management of the Alberto Rodríguez case

All the parliamentary groups that have appeared this Tuesday at a press conference, except the PSOE, have attacked the president of the Congress of Deputies, Meritxell Batet, for her handling of the case of the already ex-member of the United We Can Alberto Rodríguez, whom Batet withdrew the seat last Friday behind the Supreme Court report about his conviction for beating a policeman in 2014.

Podemos calls for Batet's resignation due to the withdrawal of Alberto Rodríguez's seat

Podemos calls for the resignation of Batet due to the withdrawal of the seat of Alberto Rodríguez

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Only the PSOE, in the mouth of its spokesman in Congress, Héctor Gómez, has endorsed Batet’s performance. “The president acts in accordance with the ruling of the Supreme Court, he has assured, after noting that in this case” all the steps “have been carried out by the parliament.” Everything that is directed against the president does a disservice to the institution “, For his part, the first vice president of the Chamber, Alfonso Gómez de Celis, has lamented during an interview on TVE.

Criticisms of the head of the Lower House and third authority of the State have come from the left and the right. As this newspaper has learned from parliamentary sources, Batet has been asked to resign by the different groups represented at the Congressional Board during its meeting, which took place at 11.00 in the morning.

The spokesman for United We Can in Congress, Pablo Echenique, has considered that “the whole process” that has surrounded the suspension of Rodríguez “is full of irregularities.” This Monday, the senior counsel in Congress endorsed Batet’s decision to suspend the already former deputy from the formation. And the representative of the confederal group has pointed out that they have known the content of this writing by the media, since they have not received it despite being the “main” affected formation.

Echenique: “Batet has given in to blackmail”

“It says otherwise [que el último informe de los letrados] without anything having changed, without the sentence having changed, “he asserted. officially requested on Monday the resignation of the president congressional. And Echenique insisted this Tuesday that “Mrs. Batet has yielded to Marchena’s blackmail.”

Aina Vidal, from En Comú Podem, has assured that Friday was “a sad and hard day” due to the suspension of Rodríguez, to whom she has sent “all” her support. In his opinion, the Supreme Court and, specifically, the president of the Second Chamber, Manuel Marchena, “have attacked the division of powers”, which “affects the democratic quality of the country.” “If Mr. Marchena wants to do politics, he should take off his robe and do politics,” he emphasized.

At his side, Gerardo Pisarello, second secretary of the Lower House, has spoken of an “attack against parliamentary autonomy” and a “cession to the unconstitutional demands of PP and Vox”, criticizing the “performance of the Presidency” carried out by Batet , for not having consulted the Board on its decision to suspend Rodríguez despite the initial report from the lawyers who advised against him.

The PP spokesperson, Cuca Gamarra, in addition to requesting the resignation of Minister Ione Belarra for her criticism of the Supreme Court ruling, has spoken of “grotesque” in the process of the execution of Alberto Rodríguez’s sentence by the Presidency congressional. “There should not have been a conflict between Congress and the Supreme Court,” he added.

From Vox, Iván Espinosa de los Monteros has gone further requesting the resignation of the entire Board of Congress and has highlighted Batet’s “personal responsibility” in handling the Alberto Rodríguez case, emphasizing the fact that she “refused to give explanations “about who had requested the initial report from the lawyers who endorsed that the former member of the United We can keep his seat and that, after another clarifying report from the Supreme Court, the senior lawyer rectified.

Citizen denounces “erratic decisions” of the Presidency

Both the representative of the extreme right and the spokesperson for Ciudadanos in Congress, Edmundo Bal, have also announced that they will also demand the disapproval of the Minister of Social Rights and leader of Podemos, Ione Belarra, for her statements questioning the Supreme Court’s condemnation and Batet’s decision. Bal has lashed out at the “erratic decisions” of the president of Parliament and has considered that “he was wrong” on Thursday when, after a majority agreement of the Board, he asked the Supreme Court for “explanations”.

Compromís’ spokesperson in Congress, Joan Baldoví, has asked Batet to “reconsider” his decision to suspend Rodríguez considering that “he should not lose his status as a deputy” according to his interpretation of the Supreme Court ruling.


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