May 18, 2021

Aliexpress steps in to curb the upward spiral in coronavirus mask prices

The platform takes measures so that sellers do not take advantage of high demand to shoot them

The face masks They have become one of the most precious assets in recent weeks. His lawsuit has skyrocketed with the Covid-19 cases, which continue to increase day by day throughout Europe. According to data from the Chinese e-commerce giant AliExpress, searches related to masks on its website increased almost 13 times in Italy, while that number tripled in Spain in just two weeks.

Given the increase in demand and lack of supply, The prices of these products have skyrocketed. In this situation, AliExpress has informed that is ensuring “a fair price mechanism on its platform and taking actions with sellers that excessively increase the price of items due to high demand at the moment”, as explained in a statement. The company has also reported that it is Contact certified distributors and manufacturers in China to facilitate the supply of medical and protective equipment, such as face masks and gloves, at cost price.

Other products for your clients

AliExpress has also put available to its customers a wide range of necessary products, such as hand sanitizer (available on the platform at cost price), as well as articles for physical conditioning and indoor entertainment, sued by a part of the population that is currently staying at home following official measures. The platform ensures that, thanks to the logistics center it has at the Liège airport, You can manage fast deliveries, within three to seven days.

In addition, AliExpress will make available on its home page a manual that the Jack Ma Foundation and the Alibaba Foundation have published and distributed, in collaboration with the First Affiliated Hospital and the Faculty of Medicine of Zhejiang University, China, which details the knowledge and best practices carried out in that country, and which led to the successful treatment of patients with Covid-19. The manual is currently available in Chinese and English, and other editions in Italian, Korean, Japanese and Spanish will be released soon.


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