July 5, 2020

Aliexpress opens a market of 645 million customers in the EU and Russia to Spanish SMEs

The EU and Russia at your fingertips. That is what small and medium-sized Spanish companies already have thanks to Aliexpress. The Chinese online commerce giant today presented its Businesses business unit, a "marketplace" in which Spanish SMEs who wish to do so can open their virtual establishment to sell to European and Russian markets, totaling 645 million potential customers. Russia, in fact, is the first country outside of China where AliExpress sells the most, followed by the United States and Spain, where the company has 10 million users.

In exchange for a commission of 5% or 8% of the sale price – the most competitive in the market, according to the Chinese company -, Aliexpress offers technological support to companies that are established in their marketplace for their development and to get them customers, but leaving them full control over their business. Companies have total freedom to set prices, make promotions they consider or create their brand and organize their linear. The companies, in addition, do not have any commitment of permanence nor pay commission for the opening of their vitual business in Aliexpress.

To help companies optimize their business, Aliexpress offers solutions focused, for example, on logistics, payments, marketing and sales, among others.

Although the Chinese company has officially presented this business unit today, already He has been working on it for a couple of years and there are already thousands of Spanish SMEs that have opened their online store on Aliexpress, explained Estela Ye, general director of the company for Spain and Portugal.

Ye explained that they are working with companies such as Correos so that, as soon as possible, Spanish SMEs can sell in other continents than the European one, although they have not offered dates on when this process could be completed. At this moment, Aliexpress has a presence in 190 countries around the world, with 150 million users and 30 million daily visits to its website.

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