Sun. Jan 19th, 2020

Aliexpress, hunting for Spanish SMEs to sell in Europe

The Chinese internet giant Aliexpress has officially presented Alixpress Business, a new line of business in which it had been working for years and whose objective is to facilitate companies, mainly SMEs, digitize and sell their products, both in Spain and abroad, fundamentally Europe.

"Until now we worked for the consumer, now we want to work for companies," explained the general director of Aliexpress in Spain, Estela Ye, who stressed that they offer them from translation, marketing, payment systems, "big data" or ease of access to the logistics network of your partner Correos.

Previously, only selected companies could sell on the Alibaba e-commerce platform, while now all those who want to do so can use the services designed by the Chinese company to facilitate their digitization or international sale.

"In a very short time" there have been "several thousand" of sellers and there are "several thousand more on the way," said Ye, who said that these companies can already sell their products in the countries of the euro zone and Russia.

The idea, he added, is that soon they can do so in the 190 countries in which the e-commerce platform operates thanks to the Alibaba payment system (the user will pay in local currency and Alipay will make the currency conversion).

This new service is based on the philosophy of the founder of Alibaba: our vocation is to help others succeed, because if they succeed we will succeed, said the director of Marketplace in Spain, Alejandro Pascual, who stressed that the goal is "to value the variety and quality of the Spanish product, both in the local and global markets."

Spain is a key country for Aliexpress, said Ye, who recalled that it is its third largest market for sales and users (more than 10 million), just behind the United States and Russia.

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