April 14, 2021

AliExpress expects to close the year with 10,000 Spanish companies on its platform

AliExpress, the business unit of the e-commerce giant Alibaba to sell outside China, plans to close the year with 10,000 Spanish companies on its platform, compared to the current 3,000, and wants to start selling food products shortly.

The general director of AliExpress Spain, Estela Ye, has explained to Efe that since AliExpress Plaza was opened, the platform for Spanish products that has been operating since the beginning of the year, there are already 3,000 Spanish companies installed or in the process of opening.

With a million Spanish products to sell throughout Europe and a delivery period of 1 to 3 days in the continent, AliExpress expects to close the year with about 10,000 Spanish companies installed in its marketplace (commercial center or artery in the digital world) ), which is "a great challenge", according to the directive.

"When the Spanish user cannot find a Chinese product or wants to have it faster, he can go to Plaza," said Ye, who has indicated that the products that come from China take about 10 working days to arrive, while the that are bought in Spain have a delivery time of between 1 and 3 days.

The company's plans are to help Spanish companies to sell abroad, especially in the rest of Europe, including Russia, a very "powerful" market with a large AliExpress implementation, mainly when making deliveries. , when sellers or sellers do not have their own logistics.

The head of the Chinese portal in Spain has explained that AliExpress is including new categories in its product catalog, such as food, since those items cannot be brought from China and in Spain there is "very good product", so they are opening this category "with Spanish companies" so that they can also sell to the rest of Europe.

Another of the projects of the platform is the entry into operation in Spain of the Alibaba payment platform, Alipay, which will allow to market the products in any currency.

Precisely this week, the company has held two "AliExpress Sellers Conference" in Barcelona and Valencia to present its business model to local entrepreneurs and in September it will take these conferences to more Spanish cities.

AliExpress sells in 190 countries and has 150 million users worldwide, to which it offers more than 70 million Chinese products, although it is now opening its platform to foreign companies to incorporate more and more offer.

Spain is the third country in the world in terms of the number of users using AliExpress, with more than 10 million users, behind Russia and the United States.

However, on some dates, such as the "single day" held in China on November 11 with great discounts, Spain sometimes occupies the second position in sales, due to the great acceptance that this party has had in the country.

Madrid and its province and Catalonia represent about 40% of the total AliExpress users in Spain.

At the moment, the company, which has about 40 workers in Spain, does not plan to expand the warehouse it has in Madrid and that has products from some of the Chinese companies on the platform that want to provide a faster service than usual.

The Spanish consumer likes to make many comments on the online platform, according to Estela Ye, who believes that Chinese and Spanish cultures are very similar in some ways, such as that both of them like human contact when it comes to work or that they are very family members

Another feature of AliExpress is that its users are quite young and 72% of them are between 18 and 44 years old.

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