Fri. Mar 22nd, 2019

Alicia Rodrguez Lpez, Tirma - The Province

Alicia Rodrguez Lpez, Tirma - The Province

When you decide to buy a product with the Made in the Canary Islands distinctive you are investing in our people and in our land. You invest in our people because you help sustain industrial employment and you contribute to create indirect employment in the rest of the economic sectors. You invest in our land because our industry is more competitive and generates more economic activity in the Canary Islands. When you buy Elaborated Here, come back to you.

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I'm a laboratory assistant and I started working in Tirma thirteen years ago. At the end of the training cycle we were given the choice between several companies to do internships and I opted for Tirma. Fortunately, at the end of my internship they gave me the option of staying here to work. I was twenty years old.

I think I opted for Tirma to do my practices because their products are always in our memory, in that of all the Canarians, and that's why they call your attention. I have among my childhood memories those chocolate sandwiches Tirma that my mother gave me, with that chocolate that had a vaquita on the outside.

In thirteen years things have changed a lot, there are new products and better technology, but the footprint of the people who work here is always present. We are all professionally trained and receive training in a continuous way to carry out our tasks, but we also put our heart in the products of a brand that identifies us long before we start working here.

The work of the laboratory consists of the reception of raw materials and materials, from which samples are taken for review. We also review the samples of the semi-finished product and the final product. That is to say, we carry out a control of the product in each stage of its elaboration.

In addition to physical-chemical analyzes and tests we also do tasting controls. For example, tasting the coffee when it enters the factory, when it is toasted, and once roasted its bouquet is defined.

To do this, we met a group of people who have made the corresponding tasting courses and look for a profile of the product before putting it on the way of marketing.


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