Alicia Framis: "If the world were perfect, art would not exist" | Babelia

Alicia Framis: "If the world were perfect, art would not exist" | Babelia

The works of Alicia Framis (Barcelona, ​​1967) are born from the interrelation between artistic creation, design, architecture, fashion and activism. Part of her feminist-themed works now meet at the exhibition Gender pavilion, in the Alcalá 31 hall in Madrid.

What work or artist or experience made him want to be an artist? Very typical, but true: I lived next to Park Güell when I was abandoned, I liked that fantasy and dangerous space.

What artistic work has impressed you lately? Knots'n Dust, by Francis Alÿs.

And his favorite of all times? The pavilions of Dan Graham.

What foreign work would you have liked to be an author? Perfect lovers, by González Torres.

His works contain a clear social and feminist discourse. Does art help change the world? Of course. If the world were perfect, art would not exist.

You live in Amsterdam. How do you see Spanish art from there? Spanish artists are very good, but museum directors and corrupt politicians do not survive, a pity.

If he were not an artist, he would have liked to be ... Architect and spy

What is the movie that you have seen the most times? Blade Runner (the first).

What song or piece of music would you choose as a self-portrait? All of Cypress Hill.

What order would I never accept? Work for brands that exploit people.

What is socially overvalued? The success.

Who would you give the National Prize for Plastic Arts? To all the women artists who died without being recognized in time.


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