April 21, 2021

Alicia Fajardo triumphs in the Montajes Canarias tournament at Maspalomas Golf – La Provincia

Alicia Fajardo was proclaimed winner of the category scratch (36 points) of the IX Montajes Canarias tournament, second qualifying round of the XXII Circuito Canarias S&G – Maspalomas Golf Cup that took place yesterday on the excellent course of Maspalomas Golf with the intervention of 126 players. The day was sunny with a light breeze that predicted a good day of golf for all participants.

In the first category of gentlemen, the victory was for Javier Rodríguez with 39 points, second place for Miguel Sarmiento with 38 points and third for Leif Aagasen with 37 points. In the second category it was imposed Borja González, adding 41 points at the end of the route, seconded by Guillermo de Angulo and Mónica Neumann both with 40 points. The third category was for Manuel Campos Rodríguez with 48 points, with Clement Loscher second, with 41, and Antonio Guerra third with 38 points. In the consolation section, those classified in positions 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110 and last place in the classification received prizes scratch general.

The winners obtained as a prize their classification to play the Grand Final of the Circuit to be held at Maspalomas Golf on September 20. In addition, there were also prizes such as stays at BlueBay Hotels, El Borbullón Casa Rural, Melva Suites Hotels, Hotel Servatur Puerto Azul, vouchers from San Roque University Hospitals, Taylor Made golf equipment, Faycanes voucher and Binter plane tickets.

The IX edition of the Montajes Canarias tournament had the collaboration of Candino, Frimancha Canarias, Panadería Mis Hijos, Quesos El Parral, Mahou, Taylor Made and Vodka Blat. The event supposed the continuation of the Circuit and the objectives that were none other than to continue with the sports calendar of Maspalomas Golf and thus place the Canary Islands at the epicenter of national and foreign tourism as a safe place for their holidays.

Likewise, all those present were informed of the celebration of the third test of the circuit, IV Bungalows Vistaflor Tournament – El Faro by Bridgestone Golf Club to be held next Saturday, July 11.


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