January 18, 2021

Alicante achieves the Guinness Record with the largest nativity scene in the world


This is the giant nativity scene of Alicante

Alicante is already part of the Guinness Book of Records thanks to the “Sagrada Familia”, the Nativity planted in the Plaza de Ayuntamiento. Judge Lena Kuhlman, who has not been able to move due to travel restrictions due to covid, has electronically certified that Alicante beat the record that Mexico had for more than 20 years and entered the Guinness with “The largest Nativity scene figurines”.

The organization of the contest has just delivered the certification to the Alicante City Council that attests that the Bethlehem is the work of the artist José Manuel García “Pachi” It is the highest in the world thanks to the 18.10 meters that the image of San José measures up to the crook that he carries in his hand.

The Virgin reaches 10.58 meters and the Infant Jesus bent in the cradle 3.25 meters. The measurements were made in the workshop and during construction in the town hall by three technicians appointed by the College of Architects, which has also endorsed the reports with the dimensions.

The act of delivery of the certificate of inclusion in the Guinness Book of Records to the Alicante City Council for the Monumental Nativity Scene has been held in the Blue Room and then a photographic session with the certificate has taken place before the monumental Nativity scene that can be visited during all christmas. A set of sculptures is not without controversy due to its cost, 123,000 euros for this year and two more, to which must be added the 14,900 euros of the cost of the Guinness certification.

The government team has defended its value as an international tourist promotion of Alicante and its energizing effect on commerce and the hotel industry, which were so badly hit this year by the pandemic. The large number of visits generated last weekend has led the City Council to pedestrianize the square where it is located every weekend until Christmas and the Immaculate holiday, to close the perimeter fence by 25% so that the public have more space to move with a safe distance and to reinforce the police presence.

The Party Councilor, Manuel Jiménez, has indicated that the investment “is more than compensated with the echo that this initiative is having and with the media coverage of the Guinness award. “Meanwhile, the mayor has been confident that the nativity scene will encourage the situation in the city this Christmas.

Representatives of the hoteliers, merchants and hotel associations as well as the Vox group, which has joined the bipartisan group in the absence of the left, were also present at the event.

It is a nativity scene built with flame retardant and waterproof materials in which several artists from Alicante have worked.

The measurements, the reports from the College of Architects, videos and recordings were sent to the organization. A representative of the same traveled yesterday to Alicante to verify it. In addition, it is not only the tallest nativity scene, it is also the largest, since the volume is measured.


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