June 15, 2021

‘Algoritmo’ wins the audience award at the Festivalito La Palma

A moment from one of the filming of 'La Palma Rueda' in the 16th edition of the Festivalito La Palma.  |  |  VIRGINIA PARK

A moment from one of the filming of ‘La Palma Rueda’ in the 16th edition of the Festivalito La Palma. | | VIRGINIA PARK

The 16th edition of the Festivalito La Palma-Film Festival of the Stars came to an end last weekend with the celebration of the closing ceremony in the Plaza de España in Los Llanos de Aridane, where the Star of the public Miguel Brito Award it fell on the short film Algoritmo by Rodrigo Sánchez Picazo.

The closing gala, which had Luifer Rodríguez and Kike Pérez as masters of ceremonies, put the finishing touch to this year’s edition with the screening of the 21 finalist short films selected by the jury and the public, shot entirely this week of coexistence on the Island under the slogan We are not an algorithm. Wonderful pieces lasting a maximum of four minutes with the Isla Bonita as a frame.

The jury for this edition has been made up of Sonia Bautista Alarcón, José Alayón, Marina González, Alba González de Molina, Daniel Mendoza and Benjamín Reyes who were in charge of awarding the rest of the awards. The Star for the most outstanding short of La Palma Rueda in the Andrómeda category, the Roberto Rodríguez Award went to Soh-yun, by Octavio Octavio Guerra and Rafa Navarro. In the Lyra category, the most outstanding short star went to Error, by Rodrigo Kunz.

Regarding the actors, Virginia Park won the Estrella Pilar Rey for the most outstanding actress for Soh-yun and Lamberto Guerra with the Estrella for the most outstanding actor for Our Father. The special award for distribution went to Requiem for a party, by David Pantaleón.

The Star with the most outstanding sound was for Sergio Gerson Ramos for Sagittarius; the most outstanding Original Music Star went to Jonay Armas, for Requiem for a party; while Sara Yordanova won the Star for the most outstanding photograph for all her work on La Palma Rueda. Rosa Marañón, Andrea López and Lucía de Frutos received the Star for the most outstanding makeup by La Magua.

All the participants of the gala agreed on the symbiosis that is generated between the filmmakers, and the Island and its inhabitants. The president of the Cabildo, Mariano H. Zapata said that the Festivalito La Palma is a clear example of palm pride, since it is a unique event in the world that highlights all the talent we have on our island and its great potential . “In addition, in this new edition, from the Cabildo we are committed to linking this festival with the 2030 Agenda and compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals, promoting that the filming that has been carried out these days on the island will highlight the natural values ​​of the Isla Bonita and they will be carried out in a sustainable way in order to be eligible for the special award that we have awarded today to recognize this commitment to efficiency and care for our environment ”, stated Zapata. In this sense, it must be said that the shorts that were submitted to the World Biosphere Reserve category reached thirty.


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