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Idoven is the Spanish startup that has managed to digitize cardiology medical exams. This' healthtech 'has developed AI cloud software for cardiology, capable of analyzing electrocardiograms' holters'(electrical activity of the heart) and return a medical diagnosis to the patient. To do this, all the user has to do is request the cardiac check-up "package" they want via the web (ranging from 99 euros to 450 euros) and the company sends a device home with a courier. Then the software and the medical team analyze the heart and after a few days the patient returns the device and receives his diagnosis.

Although the business also has a B2B area (in which Idoven provides the service directly to doctors, medical hardware companies or digital health platforms), it is from the B2C area that Manuel Marina, CEO of the startup, he feels more proud, since this area "rethinks from scratch how patients can be diagnosed in the new digital age, in which medicine can come to your home." With this strategy, which the startup has called "devices as points of care", Marina ensures that health is taken "beyond the walls of the hospital", a phenomenon that was enhanced during the pandemic. «We went from 2,000-3,000 visits to our website to 60,000 visits in the first seven days of the covid », assures the CEO of Idoven.

It's no surprise that this disruptive company comes from the hands of a cardiologist. However, it is unusual to find a team of founders with such different profiles. The startup was born in May 2018, but it was putting down roots since 2014, the year in which the cardiologist Manuel Marina Breysse (currently CEO) and José María Lillo Castellano, Telecommunications engineer (currently CTO), agreed at the National Center for Cardiovascular Research, where precisely the second was doing a doctoral thesis on 'machine learning' applied to cardiology. «The goal was for a cardiologist and an engineer to understand each other to teach cardiology software. And, after many hours of study, they succeeded. It was in 2018 when they managed to partially automate the diagnosis that takes a million hours a day for doctors in Europe. "So we decided to set up the company," explains Marina. And it was here when Íñigo Juantegui (with long experience in the creation and management of startups, such as La Nevera Roja or Ontrucks) joined the project as founder after being explained not only the technology behind the device, but also his intention to develop the product and bring it to market. "Sometimes science is published and nobody takes it to the bedside of the patient, they are scientific advances from which the patient does not benefit," laments the CEO.

The team factor

The company, which achieved media coverage a year ago after adding Iker Casillas as an investor, has just closed a financing round for two million euros with the support of Wayra, and although the product is undoubtedly worth itself, it has It was the team that makes it up who have convinced Telefónica's innovation hub. "The most important thing and what most caught the attention of the entire company is the team issue, the complementary profiles they have", assures Paloma Castellano, Director of Wayra Madrid. Marina assures that the objective of the new round is to boost growth and precisely "accelerate the hiring of a first-rate team and strengthen internationalization" while continuing to develop its technology.

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