August 1, 2021

Algeria registers a strong increase in infections and reconsiders the opening

Algeria has suffered in the last two days a strong increase in the number of infections by COVID-19 and therefore the reopening of its land, sea and air borders, scheduled for July 1, is being rethought.

According to official statistics, health authorities certified 283 new cases of coronavirus on Saturday, the highest daily number since the outbreak of the pandemic in the country.

This spike in infections brings the number of confirmed cases to 12,968 and is the result, according to local epidemiologists, “of the relaxation of prevention and containment measures.”

“In the last 24 hours there have been seven deaths and 136 recoveries, which brings the number of deaths to 892 to 892 and to 9,202 the number of recoveries, the head of the COVID Detection and Monitoring Commission stated at a press conference- 19, Djamel Foutar.

In this context, the country’s president, Abdelmejid Tebboun, warned that the regime could rethink the reopening of the borders, closed for more than three and a half months.

Tebboun hinted that the Executive is inclined to maintain restrictions on flight and entry into the country despite the fact that this would be a blow for the summer season.

Pushed by the serious economic, political and social crisis that it suffers, Algeria relaxed the sanitary measures and authorized on June 7 the reopening of some companies within a plan of flexible and progressive return to normality.

On June 14, it took another step forward in the lack of confidence with a limited reopening of urban transport, although it maintained the curfew imposed until June 29 in 29 of the 48 provinces, including the capital.

The quarantine was lifted entirely, however, in 19 other states with the obligation to wear masks from June 24 and significant fines for those who violate the rule.


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