Algeria, a lost market? for the Spanish food industry

Carlos Manso ChicoteCONTINUEMadrid Updated: 06/10/2022 03:02h

There was a time when, for the Spanish primary sector, Algeria was one of the main extra-community markets for sectors such as beef and sheep meat, as well as for fresh fruit and vegetables. Specifically, if we go back to 2014, it ranked third among non-EU countries, reaching 56.3 million euros (82,544 tons). The sectors most affected by the paralysis of commercial transactions, have pointed out from the Spanish Federation of Associations of Exporting Producers of Fruit and Vegetables (Fepex), are nursery plants and, above all, fruit trees. Specifically, Algeria happens to be one of the main non-EU markets in both cases. Only in terms of flowers and plants in 2021, it was sold for a value of 3.7 million euros, of which 3.3 million corresponded to live plants and mostly to fruit plants.

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