Alfredo Sanzol, new director of the National Dramatic Center

Alfredo Sanzol, new director of the National Dramatic Center

With Alfredo Sanzol as the new director of the National Drama Center, recent cultural appointments have been made, which have been controversial, among other reasons, because there are no women among the chosen ones. Sanzol, who in 2017 won the National Prize for Dramatic Literature for his best-known work, "La respiración", received another recognition just a few days ago, when "La ternura" was nominated for the Max awards in the section of best theater show . In his presentation as director, the playwright from Pamplona explained some of the main axes of his management plan, including "creating parity relations" between men and women in the theater. Clearly referring to the claims of associations such as the Union of Actors and Actresses, which denounced that the appointments made by the INAEM "are far below the recognition of parity", Sanzol said: "My project is declared feminist".

Likewise, the playwright referred to his intention to "create artistic pairs" of authors and directors, as well as to order texts with more time and grant them a more generous budget to be able to produce productions with a greater number of authors. Another of the bases of his project is to increase the number of tours of the company both nationally and internationally: "Hopefully the companies cross in the AVE" on the way to different cities, he said, adding that he wants to "strengthen ties and make co-productions with institutions in Europe and Latin America and bring creators from abroad, as well as taking out those from here. "

Sanzol commented that he wants to "design a management policy for the most successful works", to increase the possibility of commissioning new productions, although he understands that this always entails a degree of risk that is not had with the titles already established among the public. general.

Regarding his own creation, he has stated that he wants to take on a show a year, alternating between repertoire and his own texts. In addition, he explained that he wants to "look towards the new generations" of actors and dramatists, "whom neither you nor I know." For this reason, he plans to make a show per season in which only actors and actresses under thirty participate.


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