Thu. Dec 5th, 2019

Alfonso Merlos and Marta López have starred in their first live meeting today

Alfonso Merlos and Marta Lopez have starred today their first meet before the cameras since it came out that they are couple. Although it seemed that discretion was going to mark this relationship, the fact of sharing TV it also forces them to share somewhat delicate moments that become, of course, the object of analysis.

And they are both collaborators of the program presented by Sonsoles Ónega in Telecinco, It is already noon. Merlos regularly attends the news tables, while López is a contributor to the section Fresh
which deals with issues of the heart and realities that are broadcast in Mediaset.

Alfonso Merlos and Marta López agree on 'It's already noon'

Alfonso Merlos and Marta López agree on 'It's already noon'

Today one of those somewhat surreal moments has been experienced since both coincided in the program but in different sections. Until the time has come to change employees. Although normally this is done by taking advantage of an advertisement or giving way to a video, today it has been different.

And is that Sonsoles Ónega invited Marta López and the rest of Fresh's collaborators to enter while the current table was still on set. And for more INRI, the program placed the couple in the same chair, with what has been Merlos who has had to give his seat to his partner, the former Big Brother contestant.

Although Marta López entered shyly, when she has approached Merlos has not hesitated to give her a hug. Moment in which the rest of collaborators broke between applause and laughter. The face of both was funny but somewhat embarrassing as can be seen in the images.

It should be remembered that some photographs appeared in a magazine left no doubt about their relationship. Days later, Lopez herself confirmed the relationship in It's already noon and to the questions of her peers. Now it only remains that one day the direction of the program feels them together.

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