Alexa's big problem that is very expensive

The OCU warns about Alexa

alexa is a virtual assistant developed by Amazon, based on artificial intelligence and that can be used to perform various tasks or control devices domestic smart through voice commands. It was first introduced in 2014 and has become increasingly popular ever since, and while the amount of this product that has been sold is unknown, it is estimated that in the market there is more of 100 million in the propiety.

To use Alexa, the user will only have to say their name and the consequent commandThanks to its ease of use, it has become very fashionable in millions of homes, although now the OCU has warned of the costs that having this device connected may involve. In view of the alleged energy crisiswhich has increased all the prices in family consumption, expose that Alexa draws a lot of light, and that I can suppose a extra expense at the end of the month, which few expect, so it is best to control its use.

According to a study by this organization, in houses where there is an Alexa, the invoice of the light increases exponentially, since this device reflects the second most important expense, behind basic household appliances. Likewise, standby mode continues to consume.