Alexandra Rinder, in the final - La Provincia

The fifth day of the Gran Canaria Frontón King Pro 2019 kicked off yesterday to the men's final phase with the wave of El Frontón imposing all its strength, with a great size and unbeatable conditions. In addition, the title of Queen of the Fronton King will be decided between the two-time world champion, the Canary Alexandra Rinder, and the four-time world champion, the Brazilian veteran Isabela Sousa.

With six titles between the two, the final, which is played tomorrow, ensures a stroke of infarction between the women, in a high-level bid for the crown of the Frontón King 2019. The Chilean Paloma Freyggang could not overcome the veteran of the local , usual in El Frontón and accustomed to the strength of the Galician wave, which left it out of the finals. Teresa Miranda has stayed at the gates of the finals after falling against the Brazilian, with a great performance that has not been enough to give her pass and repeat the duel of the previous edition, so that the crown escapes, which will remain in the hands of Rinder and Sousa.

An international manga and between champions will decide the new Queen of El Frontón, who will wait for the best conditions for a dispute that will be full of spectacle. As Alexandra Rinder explained, her duel with Isabela Sousa meets "a little thorn that had been stuck for a long time" and that "it will be an honor". Rinder hopes to be the next Queen of the Fronton King, a competition in which the venue is strong and eager.

In addition, yesterday began the men's final phase, which will decide the champion of the APB circuit. Pierre Louis Costes, twice world champion, Sammy Morretino and Tristan Roberts, will fight for the crown in a final phase that Hawaiians Jeff Hubbard and Mack Crilley, Colombian Julian Julian Gonzalez and Brazilian Gabriel have joined since the previous phase Braga The locals Kevin Orihuela and Dailos Rodríguez have also entered the final phase after a very tight dispute in the trials, in which Guillermo Cobo and Samuel Brito, protagonists of impossible maneuvers and impressive turns have also stood out as rivals.

He highlighted in the previous phase the Galician Gabriel Molina, who with only 15 years made the stands vibrate with a brilliant performance in the powerful wave of El Frontón. The local stood out with his youth as one of the most spectacular rider of the day, representing a quarry of the bodyboard that enters strongly to compete with the colors of the Canary Islands in the world of this sport.

The engines of the men's final phase were started, in which the first to enter the water, the South African Iain Campbell and the current and three times King of the Fronton King, Amaury Lavernhe amply fulfilled a great score and show in his debut in the competition. The canary Dailos Rodríguez, who has been fighting his place since the previous phase and left no rest for his rivals, imposed himself on the Hanerians Tanner McDaniel and the media Mike Stewart.

The mayor of Gáldar and councilor of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, Teodoro Sosa, visited the facilities of the Gran Canaria Frontón King Pro 2019 yesterday, which a year ago drives from the local corporation that presides. The municipal councilor said that this event is "very important for the municipality" because it places Gáldar on the "world scene" of the bodyboard with the "best wave in the world". It is "a privilege" for the people of Galicia that our coast, waves and this sport are a claim for everyone.


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