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Àlex Rins, 17 years clinging to the handlebar

Àlex Rins, 17 años aferrado al manillar

Àlex Rins (Barcelona, ​​8 / XII / 1995) had a love-hate story with the Circuit of the Americas. He won the Texas line in Moto3 Y Moto2, but it choked him absolutely when he ascended, three seasons ago, to the queen category.

In the training of 2017 he suffered a spectacular fall that kept him several months in the dry dock as a result of a fracture of the left wrist. A year ago an accident caused his retirement in the middle of the test. But based on work and discretion, dorsal 42 He recovered last weekend his idyll with the circuit of Austin and became the first driver to have won in him in all categories.

Rins, 23, competed for the first time at 6 years in a motocross test and showed his talent in all promotion categories

It had been six seasons The Americas he had no other owner than Marc Márquez, but Cervera's fell when he led alone and Rins studied Valentino Rossi carefully to overtake him and claim victory. Rossi he has always been an idol for him, as for most of the pilots who arrive at the World Cup grills after years of careers and learning.

Rins was introduced to the world of four-wheel motor, when at age three his parents, who were fans of quads, gave him one of his size. Rafa Rins, passionate about motorcycling and Victoria Navarro, lawyer, enjoy now the first triumph of the pilot in MotoGP.

Admirador of Valentino Rossi like all the young people, the paddock of MotoGP has happened to catalog it like aspiring

"I have exploded inside. I could'nt believe it. It has been an incredible race, really. When I was behind Valentino I could not throw in the towel and that's why I pushed a lot. I've been very lucky not to make any mistakes, "said Àlex, excited at the end of his life's career. It is the first triumph of Suzuki from which he got Maverick Viñales in Great Britain 2016.

The fact that Rins is considered in the circle of MotoGP a serious alternative to the domain of Marc Márquez It is not a product of improvisation. The pilot of Barcelona with roots in Valdeargorfa (Teruel) has a whole life clinging to the handlebar, chopping stone.

"Soon my first victory will come", he predicted last season after finishing second in Assen, so far his best result in the premier class

He started riding on a motorcycle with 6 years old and at 7 he competed in the first motocross race, and enrolled in the Catalunya Championship. A year later he competed in the Catalan and Aragonese competitions. He finished sixth in the first and won the second.

He went to asphalt, burned the promotion categories until reaching the World Cup in 2012, when a name was made as the best rookie and the fourth final position in Moto3. The following season was second, the same position he got in Moto2 in 2015. That is, Álex Rins he was presented in the top category in 2017 without victories in the lower echelons, but with a talent out of question.

After a training course, he began to shine last season, with five podiums and fifth place in the general classification. "Soon the first will come victory", He predicted in July after finishing second in Assen. Ten months later, it has arrived and, according to the opinion of the paddockk, it will not be the last.

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