August 8, 2020

Álex de la Iglesia will direct a new horror label with Sony and Amazon

Álex de la Iglesia will direct a new project for the production of horror and suspense feature films, “The Fear Colletion”, which will premiere the films, firstly, in cinemas through Sony Pictures Entertainment Iberia, and will later be available on Amazon Prime Video in Spain.

According to the exclusive New York magazine Variety, this new film label is made possible thanks to the agreement reached by Sony Pictures International Productions and Pokeepsie Films, producer of Álex de la Iglesia and Carolina Bang, in association with Amazon Prime Video.

“The Fear Colletion” will act as a co-production umbrella for horror and suspense feature films under the creative influence of Álex de la Iglesia, who will act as producer and / or director on each project.

In the words of Laine Kline, head of international productions for Sony Pictures, De la Iglesia “is a true master of terror and ‘The Fear Collection’ is the perfect platform for both him and Sony Pictures International Productions, to explore the limits of cinematography of the genre in Spanish cinema. “

For his part, Iván Losada, CEO of Sony Pictures Spain, considers that De la Iglesia is “one of the most brilliant and prolific creators in this country” and they celebrate “with enormous enthusiasm the fact of being able to incorporate their talent into the development of this collection of horror movies. “

Several projects are currently in development, one led by Álex de la Iglesia himself, based on a script by the consolidated tandem formed by De la Iglesia and the screenwriter Jorge Guerricaechevarría, as well as future projects by Jaume Balagueró, Paula Ortiz , Fernando Navarro and Carlos Therón.

Also the head of content for Amazon Prime Video, Ricardo Cabornero, who refers to the Bilbao director as “one of the great cinematographic references in Spain”, assures that it is “a privilege” to work with him, since “his presence will allow him to offer our clients a collection of films with an indisputable quality seal “.

With Pokeepsie Films, Alex de la Iglesia (screenwriter, director and producer) and Carolina Bang (actress and producer) have given ventures to projects of new talents such as “Musarañas” (Esteban Roel and Juan Fernando Andrés) and “Los Héroes del Mal” , “En las Estrellas” (Zoe Berriatúa) or “Pieles” (Eduardo Casanova), among others.

They have also undertaken projects such as “El Bar”, “Perfectos Desconocidos”, and the television series for HBO “Treinta Monedas”, all of them from De la Iglesia, and are currently preparing to shoot “La otra Casa” (Ignacio Tatay ) and “La Piedad”, Eduardo Casanova’s second feature film.


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