Álex Casademunt died when his vehicle collided with a Mataró bus

Barcelona, ​​Mar 3 (EFE) .- The singer, actor and television presenter Álex Casademunt died last night in Mataró (Barcelona) when the tourism who was driving collided with a bus on line 5 of the Mataró Bus service, which was without passengers. for causes investigated by the Local Police.

Despite the fact that the first information pointed out that when the former contestant of the first edition of Operación Triunfo (OT) suffered the fatal accident, he was riding a motorcycle, the consistory has specified this Wednesday in a statement that the accident occurred when Álex Casademunt was driving a car , in which it did not carry a ticket.

The accident took place at 9.44 pm on the Cirera road, between the squares of França and the Great Britain, on the bridge that passes over the Ronda de Mataró (C-32).

According to the statement, the accident occurred "due to a head-on collision between the left corners of a passenger car, which was traveling downward, and a bus on line 5 of the Mataró Bus service, which was circulating without passengers in the direction of the hospital" of the location.

As a result of the accident, four vehicles of the Fire Brigade of the Generalitat were activated, which released the mortal victim, three of the Medical Emergency System (SEM) and four vehicles of the Local Police of Mataró.

The body of the victim, which the council only identifies with his initials, was transferred to the Institut de Medicina Legal de Catalunya for an autopsy, while the bus driver was unharmed.

The Local Police "are investigating the circumstances of the incident to determine the causes," concludes the statement from the municipality of Matanzas.

The death of Álex Casademunt, 39, was confirmed this morning by his representation agency Telegenia, which in a message on Twitter stated: "We are very sorry for the news of the death of Álex Casademunt. Much encouragement to the whole family and their friends. Rest in peace. "


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