July 25, 2021

Alert of the risk of a new eruption of the Fuego volcano of Guatemala

Alert of the risk of a new eruption of the Fuego volcano of Guatemala

The Fuego volcano of Guatemala has increased its activity and there is a probability that it will register a new eruption in the coming hours, the National Institute of Seismology reported today.

The scientific body reported that the colossus, next to the city of Antigua, where the Ibero-American Summit is held next week, registers today a range of 16 and 24 explosions per hour, among weak, moderate and strong. The explosions generate a column of ash of 4,800 meters above sea level, which moves 20 kilometers west and southwest of the cone.

A flow of lava that breaks away from the crater reaches 1,000 meters in the direction of the Ceniza Canyon, and there are also avalanches that reach the vegetation, explained the Institute.

On June 3, the 3,763-meter-high volcano registered one of the strongest eruptions in its history, leaving at least 190 dead and more than 1.7 million affected in the departments of Escuintla, Sacatepéquez and Chimaltenango.

According to the Insivumeh, the activity of the volcano is causing ash fall in the populations of Morelia, Panimaché, Sangre de Cristo and Yepocapa.

Fuego, Santiaguito and Pacaya are the three most active volcanoes of the 32 that the Central American country has.


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