Alert of a scam through Netflix – The Province

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Have you recently received an email fromNetflixWho asks you to update your payment information? Maybe you should look at it one more time, because the US authorities, as reported by theFederal Trade Commission of the United States (FTC)about a massive scam of attempts to steal bank data through fraudulent emails.

The scam consists of the following: Internet users receive messages informing that it is necessary to update user data, including the payment method. Many believe these emails because the design is impeccable: they perfectly imitate Netflix's communication with its customers. However, users who fall into the trap and access the web to update the data, are actually sending their bank account to criminals.

It's a statement,Netflixhas informed that "the security of the accounts of our members is taken with total seriousness" and that Netflix always takes the necessary measures to detect fraudulent activities ".

TheNational Policeask Internet users to take precautions and that in case of any doubt that may arise with the service, they should contact their supplier company. It is always preferable to lose a few minutes to the phone to end up paying a scam.


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