Alert | Alert the five dangers when it comes to withdrawing money at ATMs - La Provincia

Go get money to theATMsIt is one of the most widespread daily tasks among people in recent times. Therefore, it never hurts to take some precautions toincrease security.

Therefore, theCivil Guardhas published a series of recommendations so that the moment is not complicated.

In addition, it has accompanied the message of aillustrationwhich points out five key points to always look at before taking out the money:

one-.The fake front can be used to capture your card's PIN code and money.

2-.If you notice that the credit card slot is more bulky than usual, be alert: they can mean that there is a skimmer, a mechanism to duplicate magnetic credit card bands.

3-.If, on the other hand, you notice that the money exit slot is loose or blocked ... it is possible that there is a 'Lebanese loop', a mechanism that modifies the slit so that the bills remain attached.

4-.The Civil Guard also recommends looking at the keyboard. If it is loose, the most normal thing is that it is false and is reading your data.

5-.The Benemérita also highlights that you look at if there are strangers around. Highlight that they can be attentive to what you do and waiting for a distraction to steal from you.

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