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Alertan sobre la nueva estafa que circula por WhatsApp

The irruption of the new technologies bring with them a great number of advantages, as well as cons. In moments of maximum alert, it is important not to contribute to the spreading of hoaxes and scams through the Internet, either bysocial networksor the mobile applications of instant messaging.

On this occasion, theMossos d'Esquadrahave warned of a new scam that circulates on WhatsApp and in which it is relatively easy to fall. It consists of the following: One of your own contacts writes to you and asks you to send an SMS in exchange for a supposed code and a link. The best thing you can do is ignore the issue because you run the risk of having your account stolen. The contact that sends it to you does not know: it is just another victim.

There are already users who have corroborated this new scam. "A niece of mine lost the number because of this, the worst thing is that they can impersonate your identity, it's not a joke, we had a very bad time and we could not get back the number," he wrote in social networks.victim of this scam.

"I've been affected, luckily I got it back, but they did it on my account, the story is that you trust the contact, I notified the Mossos and all my contacts, and in five minutes I received calls from friends asking if they would pass me the It's a good thing they called, "added another person.


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