April 16, 2021

Alert about false coins of one and two euros – The Province

Alert about false coins of one and two euros - The Province

"It's very similar to the 2 euros but it is really worth € 0.32", indicated the Civil Guard in relation to the circulation of this currency for National territory. The currency is actually a 5-rand South African currency, which has much less value than the European currency, but bears a great resemblance.

The State Security Forces Spanish have launched to the public the campaign: "#QueNoTeLaCuelen ''.

Besides, the Meritorious has warned about other false coins, similar to one euro, which can be confused despite having a much lower value.

One of them is that of 1 Turkish lira that looks a lot like one euro, but actually has a value of 0.17 euros. " ¡Ojito !! This coin is 1 Turkish Lira. What is a lot like the 1 euro coin? … it really is worth 0.17 euros", they warn.

In addition there is another currency, that of two Argentine pesos. " These are 2 Argentine pesos. The currency can be confused with the one euro but they are really worth 0.024 euros. Do not get it!"», The agents warn.

The increasingly frequent use in Spain of counterfeit coins similar to one euro and two euros, adds the counterfeit also worrying fifty, twenty and five euros. A falsification that tries to control to the maximum the Police and Civil Guard, with the support of the Bank of Spain, in clandestine factories that are being combed in spite of their great difficulty to locate them.


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