April 15, 2021

Aleksander Ceferin, re-elected as president of UEFA | sports

Aleksander Ceferin, re-elected as president of UEFA | sports

The Slovenian Aleksander Ceferin He was re-elected this Thursday by acclamation UEFA president for the next four years, a position for which he was the only candidate, during the 43rd Ordinary Congress of the body that manages European football. Ceferin, born in Ljubljana in 1967, is president of UEFA since September 14, 2016, when he won the elections for Dutchman Michel Van Praag, and was re-elected on Thursday unanimously by the 55 member federations. The re-election was celebrated with a long applause from the presidents and executives present in the room of the Cavalieri hotel in Rome where the Congress takes place.

The Slovenian lawyer is the seventh president of UEFA and replaced in 2016 Michel Platini French, after the Gaul was in command of the body for nine years and was disqualified by FIFA for breaching the Code of Ethics.

Ceferin said that UEFA is not satisfied with the successes achieved so far and that it has a duty to continue with a constant development, with the aim of building an increasingly united Europe. That is why he referred to the upcoming Eurocopa 2020, which in his opinion will be the showcase to send a message of respect and unity. "This Euro will send a strong message for all of Europe, the message of an open, tolerant and united Europe, something very necessary in Europe these days," said Ceferin in his speech, upon being re-elected.

The arrival of the VAR

The Congress was held at the Cavalieri Hotel in Rome, located a few meters from the Roman Olympic Stadium, where UEFA's top management met with the representatives of the 55 football federations that make it up. On the eve of the Congress, the president of the UEFA Arbitration Commission, Roberto Rosetti, organized a meeting in which Efe participated and in which he offered the details on the use of the VAR from the eighth finals of this edition of the Champions League.

Rosetti stressed that the implementation of the VAR does not seek to "re-arbitrate football", but to protect it from clear mistakes and that the referees, who took months of preparation for this European debut, are happy for its introduction.

The VAR will be used, in addition to the whole elimination phase of the Champions League, in the European League final, the European Super Cup, the final phase of the UEFA League of Nations, the European Under 21 and the European Championship 2020. .

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