Alejandro Sanz inaugurates his star in Hollywood: “He arrives at the right time”

Alejandro Sanz inaugurating his star in Hollywood.

Alejandro Sanz inaugurating his star in Hollywood.

Ensures a plethora Alejandro Sanz that his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame “It comes at the right time” because, after almost two years of hiatus due to the pandemic, it has been his first opportunity to celebrate music in the company of friends and followers. The singer became this Friday the ninth Spaniard to whom the mecca of the entertainment world gives a piece of its mythical sidewalk. From now on, the name of the Madrilenian will share space with John Lennon, Paul McCartney and Roy Orbison at the entrance of the Capitol Records building, the fragment of the ride reserved for music. “Today I have the need to give thanks to the child that I was and who insisted on living from what he dreamed of,” he said. Sanz in an interview with EFE minutes after unveiling his star, number 2,703 of the tour.

Earlier, in his thank you speech, the artist wished his parents were alive to celebrate such a symbolic moment in his career with him. “Everything else was moving in other directions. My mother wanted me to work in a bank, at the window. My father in something else. They gave me rackets to play tennis … and that boy insisted on getting to the day today, “he said.

Sanz is the Spaniard with the highest number of awards Grammy in history (four) and has another 24 Latin Grammys. In 2017, he was honored by the Latin Recording Academy as Person of the Year for his career and philanthropic contributions. Thus, his star in Los Angeles joins a list of recognitions They have not stopped coming since their debut in the early 90s. More than three decades, twelve studio albums and concerts around the world that guarantee their weight in the music industry.

“I have always tried to be scrupulous and very serious”

“When the races are very long, the problem is that you have many opportunities to disappoint, that’s why they deteriorate,” Sanz analyzed. However, since he published ‘Viviendo Deprisa’ in 1991, all his albums have debuted at number one on the Spanish charts and also in the highest of Latin America and the United States. Therefore, the Chamber of Commerce of Hollywood introduced Sanz as one of the most influential musicians in the Hispanic world before the attentive gaze of more than a hundred followers gathered since early in the morning. “I have always tried to be scrupulous and very serious with what I do. To bet on a way of making music – he explained -. (…) When you show yourself as you are, and try to improve as a musician and as a person, a connection that allows one to remain for many years. ”

Back on stage with a tour in the USA

Sanz has a week to celebrate his star before returning to the stage with a tour that he will tour USA. On October 8, in Chicago, he will give his first concert after the pause caused by the coronavirus: “I don’t know if I’m going to remember, I’m going to have to ask people to help me,” he joked. Then he will visit New York, Washington, Miami, Los Angeles and El Paso (Texas), among other cities, to bring the songs of ‘#ElDisco’ (2019) to the American public. “Just the illusion of thinking that we are going to meet the public again, just with that, I already feel extremely happy,” he said.

Once the tour is over, he plans to release his new album, which he has spoken about on social networks and promises that it will be one of his most “special” works at the lyrical and sonorous level. “They say that only 10% of the ocean is known, because of the music out there,” concluded Sanz.


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