Alejandro Sanz, Andalusia's favorite son: "Life has been worth it for this moment"

singer and songwriter Alejandro Sanz has received this Monday, February 28, together with the composer Manuel Alejandrothe Title of Favorite Son of Andalusia, a distinction that he has received excitedly and has dedicated to his parents, while adding that "everything in life has been worth it for this moment in which I rediscover my deepest roots".

Sanz spoke in this way during his speech at the institutional act organized by the Junta on the occasion of Andalusia Day on behalf of the rest of the winners, among whom are also the Blas Infante Foundation, 'Manuel Clavero Arévalo' Medalalong with 19 other community medals.

During his speech, the artist said "thank you for this moment of absolute happiness that you have given me today" during an act that he described as "authentic, beautiful and Andalusian", while stating that "I don't know if they are aware of what they have done, but right now I have a little boy inside jumping for joythinking that everything in life has been worth it for this moment in which I rediscover my deepest roots".

"Now I seem to hear the scandalous laughter of my proud mother saying 'my son is an eminence' and the short ole of my father always muttering between his teeth", Sanz highlighted, adding "to you, Maria from Alcalá and Jesuli from Algeciras I dedicate it to you."

"I dedicate the entire trip to you, from the cantes in my aunt Pepi's kitchen in Algeciras to the concerts in New York with my uncle Paco", underlined Sanz, who stated that "what kind of trip deserves a mention if you leave accompanied by your family, and I am rich in that, I have a treasure of affections and I carry them all with me in this precious moment".

He has pointed out that "he wants and must" remember flamenco, to which "I owe the sea of ​​doubts in which I stifle my duels, remembering La Chati, my Diego, Morente and so many others who left; Shrimpeternal and alive, and on the crest of this duel is my Pacomy compadre, whom I don't let go".

Excited, he assured that "Andalusia frees me from all the orphans today and chooses me among its children along with my godfather. Double honor, double pride, godfather, life owed it to us."

"Forgive me my mother for looking for you in every verse and in every note and take my broken soul forever, so that you can put it on the headboard of your bed or on the bedspread. Keep it Andalusia that was already yours in pieces and now it is yours all ", added Sanz, who finished with a 'Long live Andalusia!'.

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