Alejandro Santana, for the revival in San Silvestre – La Provincia

Alejandro Santana, for the revival in San Silvestre - La Provincia

"One always comes to run, even in a charity event, wants to win." Words of Alejandro Santana, the champion of the 2017 edition of the HPS San Silvestre, and who has the intention to repeat the triumph on December 31 next. Recognizes that despite the festive atmosphere that lives in this race, always itching the bug to climb to the top of the podium. In addition, he points out that the test will serve to measure his fitness in the face of his first goal of the season, the Canary Cross Country Championship that will be held after winter.

The Gran Canaria racer, in his first participation in the event, achieved a victory that even surprised him: "The triumph had even more merit because, the truth, I had not prepared myself thoroughly for the HPS San Silvestre last year", Explain.

An unexpected success came and at the same time it was used to show off during the Christmas dinner at the end of the year. Laughing, Alejandro Santana points out that "you can take off with the suit on having won a race on the last day of the season".

As for the preparation he is carrying out for the defense of the title, he explains that he is crushing with short series on the track, "because the San Silvestre is a test on a reduced distance – six kilometers – and I am not used to they".

In 2017 it was a time of 18 minutes and two seconds, a time trial that wants to beat on December 31: "If I am in top condition the day of the race at least try to lower the brand."

On the possible rivals to beat in the HPS San Silvestre 2018, Alejandro Santana believes that he will have to see the face with "the usual", that is Fran Santana, Rubén Palomeque (if he participates this year, because the previous one did not compete for it). to be on a trip) or Saul Castro. "We are the ones who will be in the fight, in addition to some foreigner who walks around here," he stresses.

Saving the healthy rivalry that always exists to achieve victory, the athlete from Gran Canaria explains that this solidarity event allows the event to be lived with another philosophy. "As everyone is greeting you everywhere, before and after the race you enjoy a more familiar atmosphere than in other competitions," he says.

He only puts a small but this sporting party that is celebrated in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria on the last day of the year, although he does not even consider it negative and even takes it with humor: "As a lot of people go to the career, there is a certain chaos in the capital from which it is difficult to leave, "says Alejandro Santana. An inconvenience that affects him in the very first person, because like last year our protagonist must start his working day at 19.00 hours no less than in Maspalomas.


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