April 10, 2021

Alejandro Hernández and the storm at the hands of Wanda

He has led the Whites 26 times since 2012 -14 victories for Madrid-, but Emilio Butraqueño’s discomfort was decisive on Felipe Monteiro’s hand once the pulse was over. “We have not had luck, again,” said the head of Institutional Relations.

Yesterday, Atlético de Madrid had to respond to the maximum penalty not called in the Oblak area after a shipment from Kross. The VAR referee, González González, recommended the canary to see the repeated hand on the monitor.

After carefully reviewing it, Hernández stood by his verdict. He appreciated that the hand is natural and does not cut an action of serious danger. The Technical Committee of Referees (CTA) has assessed that the final decision of the islander is ‘the correct one’. In the midst of an open war between the clubs and the arbitration establishment, due to the lack of a single criterion with his hands, Hernández once again beat in the center of the hurricane. One more time.

Atlético took part from their social network account. “They criticize even the successes … Some are used to always having the wind in their favor.” This is how the mattress team expressed themselves on their Twitter account. A message published at 2:45 pm that was widely disseminated: more than 21,000 ‘likes’ and 6,400 ‘retweets’.

Butragueño, Simeone, Zidane …

The action has been around the country. In the 39th minute, a corner kick into the area hits Felipe Monteiro’s arm. Hernández Hernández, was notified by the VAR, which invited him to check on the field. After the crash, Butragueño lit the bonfire.

“In the first half there is a play that logically ended up being decisive and I think the process is correct. The VAR asks him to go see the play so that he can decide. We understand that it is a penalty. The ball hits the hand. and makes the decision that he considers. We have not had luck. Hernández Hernández, again. ” Brazilian midfielder Casemiro defended the level of the Conejero. “Not even for us it is clear [la normativa de las manos]. It is your decision and we have to respect it. He is a good referee, he went to see him at the VAR, but I tried to explain that if he didn’t play, I was alone behind him ”.

For his part, Zidane was a diplomat. “As always, I am not going to get involved in this. We know that it is a very difficult task.”

For Simeone, Madrid must keep silent. There is a record for discord. “They just told me about Ramos’ hand in Eibar (…) I ask a lot of respect for the decisions they have to make. The VAR has generated us more forcefulness in what was previously a sea of ​​doubts.”

The Lanzarote native whistled Madrid for the first time at La Rosaleda -a triumph from Malacitano (3-2) on December 22, 2012-. In the next pulse, the white club thrashed (0-4) at Real Sociedad in Anoeta. He expelled Cristiano Ronaldo in the Arcángel in 83 ‘for a lack of consideration. Madrid won by the minimum (1-2). In the last six games with the Whites on the pitch, only two merengues victories were registered – against Villarreal and Alavés. The judge by the hand of Wanda, reinforced by the CTA and indicated by the ‘Vulture’.

Blaugrana condition


An interview with the referee Alejandro Hernández Hernández, on June 11, 1994, when the judge was only eleven years old and started in grassroots football, has been used by various media in Madrid to justify his status as a faithful supporter of FC Barcelona. The journalistic piece was published by La Voz de Lanzarote and it is a short questionnaire with the heading ‘In depth with … Alejandro, a specialist to follow’. To the question of do you have a favorite team ?, Hernández responds: ‘Yes, of course, Barcelona’. And with a photo of the referee in his beginnings in Lanzarote, he outlined two of his great soccer idols of the late nineties: ‘I like Romario and Laudrup’. At 38 years old, he has 164 duels in First and 102 in Second. He is international and accumulates more than 316 games. | Pc


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