Alejandro Fernández reaches the half century “more serene” and “healthier” than ever

Mexico City, Apr 24 (EFE) .- Turning half a century of life and with more than 30 years of career, Alejandro Fernández, one of the most recognized artists from his native Mexico, but also beyond its borders, says he is ” in a good stage “of his life, in which he learned to value being alive, and he will have an intimate celebration after getting rid of covid-19.

“I am not going to say that it is nice to get old, but it is what we are and this life must be enjoyed as it is. The pandemic has brought that concept of mortality close to me. On this birthday I am more serene than ever, healthier than a long time ago and closer to God, “said the artist in a recent interview with Efe in Miami.

These words were said before testing positive for coronavirus in a complicated context -the Latin American Music Awards 2021- and a few days before his birthday. However, on Thursday he shared on Instagram that his latest PCR came out negative.

For this reason, the son of the renowned singer Vicente Fernández will fulfill his wish to celebrate such an important date with the people he most appreciates.

“Until recently I did not think to do anything to celebrate them, but to wait for a big party to be held, but now I have decided to do something. I am going to have a meeting with my inner circle,” he explained.

In the same interview, his son Alex confessed that they have “some surprises” for him this Saturday, a date that at first scared “a little” the interpreter of hits like “So much pain”, “Traveling cloud” or “Kill them”.

In the publication in which he communicated that he had already come out of covid-19, the singer told his followers: “Your love was what helped me out of this.”

The singer is one of the most beloved artists in Mexico. And with good reason, the composer and producer Kiko Campos assured Efe, who composed relevant songs for Fernández’s career such as “Tantita pena.”

“He has done everything a star has to do to transcend the figure he is at this moment,” snapped the author.


Kiko and Alejandro met in an iconic concert of the second at the Palacio de Bellas Artes, in Mexico City, where he paid tribute to the greatest singers and composers of the last century.

The show was produced by Campos and the show continues to be the basis for the performer’s concerts.

“When I produced this show I had just met Alejandro. I was certainly very surprised by his quality as a singer, he is a tremendous singer. And then the versatility. I would describe him as a tremendous artist, the best, perhaps he is among the four or five greats that Mexico has given, “Campos said.

The composer was a participant and creator of this new stage after the year 2000 for Alejandro, which meant his return to ranchera music, something that he consolidated with the album “Origins” after several years of ballads, mainly by the hand of Emilio Estefan.

“It occurs to me to put ‘Origins’ because it was a return to its origin, which was ranchera music with mariachi accompaniment, taking into account that ranchera music is not Mexican folklore, it really is a combination that was born with Mexican cinema”, Campos explained.

For him, this album was a before and after in Fernández’s career, but also in the history of ranchera music, as he fused this genre with many others, such as huapango or son from Jalisco with a “more current, more pop” touch. .


Coinciding with that moment, slowly until the present moment, many artists of ranchera music opted to innovate while always maintaining the essence of mariachi, because, according to the composer, it is a very versatile musical line-up “that can play any rhythm but with a unique sound “.

Now, both mariachi and regional Mexican music are in a great moment of innovation, expansion and success.

“I feel a bit of a pioneer of what is happening now with Mexican music, which makes me feel proud. When I decided to expand my range of genres, I went to pop, but I have always tried to keep it within the parameters of which They could be a romantic rancheras with other arrangements and instrumentation. The boys are now going further in breaking down barriers and I applaud them, “said Alejandro.

After “Órígenes”, Alejandro continued to be oriented to ranchera music for a time, and much of his later work was aimed at Latin pop.

However, in 2020 his career took another turn with the album “Made in Mexico”, another milestone in the actor’s career with which he suddenly marked his return to his most emblematic sound, ranchera music.

In the same way, the performance with his father, the renowned Vicente Fernández, and his son Alex at the Latin Grammys in 2019 was a great success that recalled the journey and potential of this dynasty.

“Vicente (Fernández) is like everyone together: like Javier Solís, like Pedro Infante, like Jorge Negrete. That comes together in a single man and there is no one who equals Alejandro to succeed this Fernández dynasty. (…) No I think there is a better ranchero singer in the world than Alejandro Fernández, “Campos concluded.


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