Alejandro enrages 'The Island of Temptations' for being "machista" towards his girlfriend from the Canary Islands

The emision of 'The island of temptations 4' has had in recent days Alexander Grandson as one of its absolute protagonists. The model made a series of comments about his Canarian girlfriend, Tania, which outraged social networks, although the straw that broke the camel's back came with his words about bisexuality. As he expressed, he was "touched" when he found out that a partner of his partner was.

"I know that she is a fighter for the issue of homosexuals, she grew up in the Canary Islands and likes drag galas, she is very liberal, but she has never told me that she had a sexual appetite for another woman", he assures.

"I know that, once in Erasmus, in a game, he ate his mouth with a girl or a boy and he told me that he didn't like it", he said, "If he has tried it and he didn't like it, he won't to try again," he concluded.

The other three couples

The Telecinco program, in addition to the Canarian couple, announced three others: Joshua and Zoe; Darius and Sandra Y Nico and

Joshua and Zoe (26 and 22 years old), from Marbella, met on the program 'Mujeres y Hombres' and have been together for 6 months. After a complicated start, marked by jealousy and betrayal, this explosive couple arrives at 'The Island of Temptations' in order to move forward in their relationship and leave their fears behind. Fear of possible infidelity has complicated her arrival on the island to the point that Zoe herself has steadfastly refused to put their relationship to the test. Finally, Josué and the need to finally overcome her jealousy encouraged her to join in an experience that will mark their lives and their relationship forever.

Dario and Sandra (both 22 years old) They have been together for a year and a half and they are from Alicante. Its beginnings were disparate. While Darío fell madly in love with Sandra, she had doubts about him, although she finally ended up discovering that her feelings were stronger than she thought. Currently, they assure that their relationship is experiencing one of its best moments, although Darío continues to believe that to move forward he needs Sandra to fully trust him while she is unable to forget the fame of a womanizer that drags the one who is now the man of his life.

Nico and Gal la (22 and 24 years old), from Castellón, have been in a relationship for 2 and a half years. Nico, a professional soccer player, met Gal·la and fell completely in love with her and, although Gal·la also liked her, their relationship did not start as he would have wanted. Gal·la understood that his story was not serious to the point of being disloyal to Nico with two of his teammates. This betrayal meant a before and after for them and especially for Gal·la who ended up realizing that she really was in love with him. They finally decided to give themselves a new opportunity and now they join 'The Island of Temptations' to find out if they are really made for each other and finally leave the mistakes of the past behind. Nico is clear: there will be no more opportunities for Gal·la: if he fails her, it will be over forever.

'The Island of Temptations' started its fourth season on Telecinco and did so leading. However, the reality show scored the worst premiere of the four editions of the format: 16.9% and 1,930,000 spectators. Without being a bad result, and also surpassing the premiere of 'The Last Temptation' in September (16.3% and 1,866,000), the truth is that it cannot be compared to the premiere of the first season (23.2% and 2,978,000) and especially the third (25.2% and 3,012,000) last January. The second option was the series 'ACI' on Antena 3, which held up well with a 12.6% and 1,536,000 faithful.



'The island of temptations': 1,930,000 and 16.9%

Antenna 3

'The Anthill': Freddie Highmore: 2,640,000 and 17%

'ACI: High Intellectual Capacity': 1,536,000 and 12.6%

the 1

'Journey to the center of TV': 1,240,000 and 7.9%

'Blood ties': Lola Herrera: 1,148,000 and 8.7%

the sixth

'the Sixth key': 697,000 and 5.1%

'The intermediate': 1,229,000 and 8%

'Ana Pastor's goal': 522,000 and 4.1%


'First dates': 656,000 and 4.6%

'First dates': 1,109,000 and 7.2%

'Everything is true': 590,000 and 6.7%

the 2

'My retirement place': 245,000 and 1.7%

'My retirement place': 315,000 and 2.1%

'Documaster': 500,000 and 3.4%

late night

Antenna 3

'ACI: High Intellectual Capacity': 760,000 and 10.8%

'Cinema': 'A perfect crime': 233,000 and 7.7%


'Ada Masali: The Island Tale': 392,000 and 12.7%


'Monica and sex' "Childhood and sex": 100,000 and 3.8%

the 1

'Blood ties: The debate': 616,000 and 8.6%

'The Wanninkhof case': 142,000 and 5.1%

the sixth

'Cinema' "A date in the park": 161,000 and 2.9%

'Arrow': 52,000 and 2.3%

the 2

'Philip of Edinburgh: The king without a crown': 394,000 and 3.5%

'Chronicles' "Passport for diversity": 119,000 and 1.6%

'The world we wanted to live in': 54,000 and 1.2%

Desktop and afternoon

Antenna 3

'Love is forever': 1,204,000 and 12.4%

'Bitter land': 1,476,000 and 15.7%

'Boom!': 1,387,000 and 13.8%

'Pasapalabra': 2,687,000 and 22.1%


'Save me lemon': 1,279,000 and 12.2%

'Save me orange': 1,487,000 and 15.3%

'Secret Story: Last minute': 1,434,000 and 11.6%

the 1

'Two Lives': 658,000 and 6.7%

'Serve and protect': 655,000 and 7%

'The hunter': 789,000 and 8.3%

'Direct Spain': 883,000 and 8.1%

'Here the Earth': 1,570,000 and 12.4%

the sixth

'Zaping': 698,000 and 6.8%

'Better late': 585,000 and 6%


'Everything is a lie': 532,000 and 5%

'Everything is a lie bis': 589,000 and 6.2%

'Four a day': 563,000 and 5.8%

'Four a day at 8pm': 586,000 and 5%

the 2

'Know and win': 867,000 and 8%

'Great documentaries': 470,000 and 4.9%

'Documenta2': 226,000 and 2.4%

'Journey to the past of the cities': 150,000 and 1.5%

'Journey to the past of cities': 149,000 and 1.4%

'Human scale': 115,000 and 1%

'Passion for Italy': 195,000 and 1.5%


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