May 18, 2021

Alejandro Díaz: Prosecutor asks for nine years in jail for former Socialist ex-leader of Elche accused of having child pornography | Society

Alejandro Díaz: Prosecutor asks for nine years in jail for former Socialist ex-leader of Elche accused of having child pornography | Society

The ex-secretary general of the socialist youth of Elche (Alicante), Alejandro Díaz, faces nine years in prison if the Prosecutor's request prospers. She accuses him of possession and dissemination of child pornography. The public prosecutor thinks that the videos and photographs found in the computer that Diaz used show "a predisposition of sexual character directed to minors", with "special predilection towards children with ages between 0 and 12 years". In addition, lThe archives show, in the opinion of the public prosecutor, "a character enormously dehumanized by the humiliating and humiliating treatment to which these minors are subjected".

Diaz, 28, was arrested by police on June 8 last year. An investigation on distribution of child pornography Through Skype, he took the police to a computer located in the home that the defendant shares with his parents. In fact, the identifier of this device indicated that it belonged to his father, although the prosecutor exempts him from any responsibility, since in his qualification he specifies that the "only user of the computers and effects intervened is the defendant". After spending a month and a half in the Alicante prison of Fontcalent, Díaz was released after depositing a deposit of 20,000 euros.

At the time of his arrest, the former socialist leader also was accused of abusing Saharawi children who occasionally visited Elche, although the complaint was dismissed for lack of evidence. Without EMBtoRgo, in the courts is still open another cause that points to him as abuser of a girl of two years in his environment. Both investigations started from conversations found among the material seized by the police, of great crudeness, reproduced in the qualification brief of the prosecutor and to which this newspaper has had access.

In different files, "perfectly structured and systematically ordered", the agents found all kinds of videos in which they appeared abuses, vexatious treatments and tortures applied to people that the prosecutor qualifies "without any doubt, by their physical appearance, minors of age". Often, "babies only months old". According to the researchers, Díaz had access to these contents through applications and executable files that "allow the operation of a program" used as an "anonymous" entry to the dark network, which in computer terms know how darknet.

In the letter, it is detailed that this type of files "can only be downloaded after a systematic search from the anonymous networks that exist in the darknet", Of forums on pedophilia and provided that users" freely exchange or distribute said content ". Once downloaded, Díaz supposedly distributed the files, according to the researchers, using the Skype application. To prove it, the prosecutor indicates that among the objects seized, a pendrive in which there was an image "that fully coincides with those sent" by the defendant "through the Skype communication service".

In his qualification, the prosecutor also requests the imposition for ten years of the measure of probation in order to prohibit him from performing "certain activities that may offer him or her the opportunity to commit criminal acts of a similar nature." Likewise, it imposes the obligation to "participate in sexual education training programs" and, finally, demands the penalty of "special disqualification", also for ten years, so that it does not exercise "profession or occupation, whether or not it is paid, that involves regular and direct contact with minors. "


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