Alejandra, the first baby born in Vithas Las Palmas in 2022

The specialists of the new Vithas Las Palmas maternal and child unit have helped Alejandra, the first baby born in this hospital in 2022, to come into the world. At 12:13 pm on January 2, the little girl was born in the unit of maternity center in a natural and uncomplicated delivery, attended by Dr. Miguel Ángel Barber, specialist in obstetrics and gynecology, and Dunia González, midwife from Vithas Las Palmas.

The newborn, who has weighed two kilos and 800 grams, thus becomes the first baby to be born in the Vithas Las Palmas maternal and child unit in 2022. With the birth of Alejandra, the hospital's mother and child unit registers around than 58,000 deliveries attended in the center throughout all its years of history. Last year, more than 1,200 deliveries have been attended in the maternity. A reference in the care of women and children in the Archipelago, Vithas Las Palmas is the only private health center that has a mother-child unit with neonatal ICU and pediatric hospitalization in the Canary Islands.

The parents of the newborn, Eva and Yonathan, have been grateful for the care received by all the health personnel at the center. Vithas Las Palmas wanted to celebrate the birth of little Alejandra with the parents and gave them a gift basket with all kinds of useful products for baby care.

New maternal-infant unit

After the remodeling, which has involved an investment of two million euros, the hospital has three delivery rooms, equipped with state-of-the-art obstetric technology, which allows fetal monitoring -before and during delivery-, as well as control of the maternal constants, together with their registration and control always digitized. It also has a natural delivery room and three immediate postpartum rooms; fundamental to control pregnant women after the termination of labor and during a period of time for the evolution of the maternal uterus. These postpartum rooms are also intended for mothers to begin skin-to-skin contact and initiation of breastfeeding after giving birth. The new maternal-infant unit has, in turn, two monitoring boxes where specialists assess fetal well-being when the estimated time of delivery approaches.

A new Labor and Recovery unit

The new maternal-infant unit has a natural delivery room, integrated into the new Labor and Recovery Unit (UTPR), designed to assist the mother throughout the entire process - dilation, delivery, delivery and recovery - as well as the healthy newborn. This new delivery room, designed as a domestic bedroom, will have cozy furniture and avant-garde decoration to offer the future mother and her companions a stay as comfortable as possible. It should be noted that the new natural delivery unit will have areas for movement and rest, as well as a dilation-delivery bathtub and a toilet with a shower. Thus, pregnant women will have at their disposal balls, chairs, lianas, grab bars, etc. as support material before delivery.

State-of-the-art technology at the service of medicine

The new Vithas Las Palmas maternal and child unit has a modern Intellispace perinatal obstetric management system, which belongs to the Philips monitoring family. This system, made up of Avalon Fetal monitoring systems, which facilitate antepartum and intrapartum control of maternal and fetal constants, increases the safety of the mother and the child within the delivery room. In addition, this new technological facility will have an obstetric and gynecological information management system that covers care continuity and digitally manage delivery documentation.

About Vithas

The Vithas group is made up of 19 hospitals and 22 medical centers, distributed throughout 13 provinces. The 10,600 professionals that make up Vithas have made it one of the leaders in Spanish healthcare. In addition, the group integrates the Vithas Foundation, Vithas Red Diagnóstica, the PlazaSalud24 purchasing center, and a participation in the Juaneda Assistance Network, the first hospital group in the Balearic Islands.

Vithas, belonging to the Goodgrower group, bases its corporate strategy on accredited quality of care, patient experience, research and innovation, and social and environmental commitment.


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