May 29, 2020

Alec Baldwin sues a man who accused him of hitting him for a parking space

The American actor Alec Baldwin sued for defamation the man who a year ago accused him of hitting him in the face during an argument for a parking space in New York, in which he pleaded guilty to harassment and in which, he alleges, he He tried to enrich himself at his expense.

According to the judicial document, registered in the Supreme Court of New York and agreed by Efe, Baldwin asks for non-specific compensation to the man, Wojciech Cieszkowski, for defame him, to have him arrested improperly and denounce him because he wanted "a fortune to remedy his alleged injuries. "

"When two New Yorkers argue for a parking space, they usually exchange sharp words and continue with their lives. But that has not happened here. Cieszkowski has invented a story about the encounter and has given up following unless Baldwin succumbs" to his "extortion," says the actor's lawyer.

According to Baldwin's version, on November 2, 2018 the two men argued for a place that was outside the actor's residence and that he was going to occupy when Cieszkowski stopped his car in an adjacent place, very close to where they were waiting for his wife and one of his children, which "surprised and alarmed him".

Baldwin approached him to talk about "what had happened" and instead of "just apologizing," Cieszkowski responded to his "concerns for the safety of his family with anger and superiority."

Being face to face, the actor "lightly pushed in the chest with one hand" to the man, who called back and continued arguing, after which Baldwin pushed him again and he took a few steps back.

According to the defense, the man described under oath the interaction saying that the actor "hit him in the jaw on the left with his right hand", something that "contradicts the surveillance recordings" in which it is seen how "he did not contact with your face. "

The plaintiff accuses Cieszkowski of lying to the police and the hospital about the "seriousness" of his injuries, and ensures that the records "reveal the truth": that he suffered no cuts, damages or fractures, and his "alleged injuries were so small or non-existent "that recommended, at most, a dose of Tylenol.

Baldwin was arrested and ended up pleading guilty to harassment, but the state withdrew a more serious charge of aggression because "there was no hint of evidence" to rely on, says his lawyer.

Despite this, months later Cieszkowski sued him "in another attempt to turn a routine quarrel over a place into a violent aggression to obtain a large payment," and insisting on his "false statements" that he hit him in the face.

For these reasons, the actor and his defense claim that he was "incorrectly detained" and "defamed", and request that after a dispute before the jury Cieszkowski compensate him for damages and legal expenses.

Speaking to the Page Six newspaper, Cieszkowski's lawyer considered the lawsuit a "desperate and curious bullying tactic," he said the actor has a video of the meeting he has not shown to the public and said he craves the process "before a jury of equal "to Cieszkowski, in front of Baldwin's celebrity.

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