June 16, 2021

Aldara, Gabriela Suárez and Sara Socas, nominated for best new artist

The jury appointed by the Professional Association of Composers of the Canary Islands – which brings together a score of creators from the sector in the Islands – has already determined the nominees of the 15 corresponding categories included in the third edition of the Canary Islands Music Awards, whose delivery gala will take place next June 5, at the Miller building in the capital of Gran Canaria.

The nominees for the best song of the year are Aldara for Pura Babel, Gekah for Orgullo de barrio and Josh Acosta for Ella mete, while in the category of revelation artist are the interpreters Aldara, Gabriela Suárez and Sara Socas.

Beatriz Martín for Here and Now, Monkey Faces for Hard love and Sito Morales for Ojalá mondo have been nominated for the best album for rock. In the category of best jazz and fusion music album, the jury has nominated Carmela Visone for Inner fight, Hirahi Afonso for Memento and Toñín Corujo for Manrique, el genio. They are nominated for the best urban music album Abraham Arvelo for Scars-The invisible part, Gekah for FUCK Foxtrot, Uniform, Charlie, Kilo and Josh Acosta for The first.

Althay Páez for Sostiene Pereira, the Las Palmas Symphony Orchestra for Cantos isleños and Yoné Rodríguez for Semilla, are designated in the category of best root music album, while Gerson Galván for Entre boleros in London, Jonay Armas for Indigo and Natalia Machín by Cachitos lent are selected for the best melodic music album.

The special awards (honoring Canarian music and best work in classical music) have been awarded, respectively, to the singer from El Salvador María Mérida and the teacher María Isabel Torón.

A total of 374 entries were received for the third edition of the Canary Islands Music Awards, 62 more than in the last edition of 2019 to which a total of 312 were submitted (both that year and 2020 could not be held due to the pandemic).


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