Alcoa workers protest again in Madrid

The workers of the energy sector have claimed a future for the Industry in the streets of Madrid and the adoption of immediate measures to face the high cost and stop possible plant closures. The banners and t-shirts identified some of its plants, such as those in Alcoa, Ferroatlántica or Alu Ibérica.

“Where is the statute, the statute where is it?” They have chanted in the immediate vicinity of the Congress. Before, workers from different parts of the country have protested at the headquarters of the Ministries of Industry, Commerce and Tourism. In their proclamations, among whistles, drums, firecrackers and a strong smell of gunpowder, they have asked for more courage to the newly invested president of the Government.

Shouts of resignation have also been chanted directed against the Minister of Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, which they place as one of the main responsible for the cut in the interruptibility (the mechanism of economic compensation in exchange for ‘stoppages’ in the activity) and of the delay in approving the electro-intensive statute.


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