July 15, 2020

Alcoa workers focus on the CRTVG electoral debate

About twenty Alcoa workers have concentrated this Monday in the electoral debate organized by the Radio Television Corporation of Galicia (CRTVG) to convey their demands to the candidates of the main political forces.

In this way, the workers have displayed in front of the CRTVG facilities in San Marcos banners with a blue bow and the motto “Alcoa is saved by fighting”, as well as vests with the slogans “energy solution” or “Alcoa layoffs no”.

The Alcoa San Cibrao staff has been mobilizing since the student multinational announced its willingness to fire 534 factory workers and next Wednesday it plans to concentrate before the headquarters of the Xunta de Galicia in Santiago to demand the Galician Executive “to work with the government to save the factory ”.

Upon arrival at the debate, the candidate from Galicia en Común-Anova-Mareas, Antón Gómez-Reino, delayed his initial intervention for about twenty minutes, assuring that he had been accompanying the workers.


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