Alcoa workers cut the road in front of the Aviles factory

Alcoa workers cut the road in front of the Aviles factory

Alcoa Avilés workers have concentrated today before the aluminum factory and have burned tires on the access road to cut traffic for half an hour and reiterate the last day of the year its requirement of continuity of activity and maintenance of the posts of work.

The protest forms part of the calendar of mobilizations agreed upon in the assembly that includes a rally on January 8 in front of the headquarters of the Ministry of Industry, coinciding in the day with the next meeting of the negotiating table of the file of termination of employment.

The calendar of mobilizations closed so far also includes a walk on foot from the workers from the aluminera to the Town Hall of Avilés, where they will concentrate, on January 12, from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m.

The workers fight against the file of extinction of employment that weighs on the 686 workers of the factories of Avilés and A Coruña.

The spirits are "between bad and very bad", as explained to Efe the chairman of the works council, José Manuel Gómez de la Uz, who added that the important thing is that there is desire to fight for jobs.


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