May 16, 2021

Alcoa workers address their demands to the Ministry of Industry

Alcoa workers address their demands to the Ministry of Industry

The workers of Alcoa Avilés direct in the countdown of their conflict their claims before the Ministry of Industry considering the multinational a "leech" and a "trilera" that is only interested in closing the two plants in Spain to go to another place to make more money.

The representatives of the trade union centrals of UGT, CCOO and USO have presented today in a press conference a calendar of mobilizations aimed at curbing the file of termination of employment that weighs on the 686 workers of the Avilés and A Coruña plants, for the who ask for its continuity.

The general secretary of MCA-UGT Asturias, Jenaro Martínez, explained that this mobilization calendar has its big day on January 8 with a rally in front of the headquarters of the Ministry of Industry, at 11:30 am, to request a direct intermediation of the Government to solve the labor conflict.

The concentration coincides in the day with a meeting of the negotiation table of the file of extinction of employment and of the technical table created to look for a solution to this crisis between the Ministry of Industry, the company and the unions.

The calendar of mobilizations also includes a march on foot of the workers from the aluminera to the Town Hall of Avilés, where they will be concentrated, next January 12, from 12:00 to 13:00 hours.

Twelve days after the collective dismissal can be effective, Martinez has declared that it is time for the government to "punch the table and tell Alcoa clearly that it is committed to the aluminum industry and to maintain the Job positions".

On the other hand, Damián Manzano, general secretary of Industry of CCOO, has appealed to the participation of the citizenship in the mobilizations summoned, beginning by the one of Madrid, so that Alcoa does not make deaf ears to the requests of the workers and has urged the Minister of Industry, Reyes Maroto, to speak with the multinational at the highest level.


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