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Alcoa warns: without further aid are at risk another 500 positions in Lugo | Economy

Alcoa warns: without further aid are at risk another 500 positions in Lugo | Economy

After approving an ERE to close its factories in Avilés and A Coruña, Alcoa now points to the aluminum factory in San Cibrao, in Cervo (Lugo), described as "modern and efficient" and where between 500 and 600 people work from a total (with alumina production) of 1,200. The multinational has transferred that the draft Statute for Electro-intensive Consumers that has been published this Monday by the Ministry of Industry "does not provide the solution that the primary aluminum industry in Spain needs for its sustainability". The proposed measures are, according to the company, "insufficient, since they would maintain a significant difference in energy costs with respect to our competitors and, on the other hand, are uncertain, since there is not even a guarantee on the effective application of the measure most relevant in the draft, which is the compensation of indirect costs of CO2 ". However, the Government argues that the Statute of Electrointensive Consumers will endow certain industrial companies, in particular those in whose productive processes, the consumption of electrical energy "will be especially burdensome and compromising for their competitiveness", of a special legal and economic framework for mitigate energy costs, which account for 40% of the total production bill.

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"If the measures are limited to what is included in the draft Statute, they put at risk the viability of the San Ciprián aluminum plant, the only facility that maintains primary aluminum production in Spain at present," the company says. But it does not stop there: with that framework he believes that the fate of the two factories of A Coruña and Avilés is cast: "We need an energy framework that guarantees competitive costs and certainty, in line with the countries of our environment. The existence or not of the conditions that allow that competitiveness in costs and sufficient certainty in energy, logically can condition the viability of the industry and the interest of possible buyers of the factories. These measures make it difficult to sell the primary aluminum operations in Avilés and Coruña. " In both cases the company has committed to maintain 300 jobs for six months while looking for a buyer to continue production.

The campaign so that the statute that the Government approves contente to the sector has begun, with the countdown that marks the electoral process of the next 28 of April. The employers of the sector, Aege, was on Monday analyzing the draft Statute and on Tuesday will move his opinion. The factory committee of the Alcoa factory in Avilés has called a rally for the March 28 before the Congress of Deputies with the intention of meeting with all political groups and transfer the importance of the new statute for electrointensive.


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