February 27, 2021

Alcoa denounces a new "production decline" in Cervo (Lugo)

The Alcoa company committee in Cervo has denounced that the plant's Aluminum Directorate intends to reduce production by 6.25%, which would add up to the 5% that is currently being carried out, accumulating a drop of 11% .

As pointed out by the committee, the reasons alleged by Alcoa for this new production cut are "trying to reduce the losses caused by the high costs of electric power."

The management also wanted to communicate that "no additional action" would be taken.

The company claimed that the cost of energy this year represents "41% of the total production costs of a ton of aluminum", 50% more expensive than other European competitors.

The works council wanted to emphasize that "the situation is very worrying", and that "it could be aggravated if the statute for the electro-intensive industry is not approved shortly".

They have also indicated that they will meet "shortly" to assess the "claims to be taken."

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