April 15, 2021

Alberto Gonzlez and Dbora Sigut reign in the sixth edition of the Guayre Extreme – La Provincia

Alberto González, in the men’s section, and Débora Sigut, in the women’s section, absolute champions were proclaimed in the queen distance of 14 kilometers and 40 obstacles, called Bentayga, of the Guayre Extreme. On the other hand, Macaco Fit and DyK Extreme took the victory in the new interclub test.

Thus, a bright brooch was added to the sixth edition of this mountain racing competition with obstacles, held in the municipality of Teror, where around 800 riders gathered in the two days in which the event was divided were gathered – 489 in the Bentayga mode, which took place yesterday, and 311 in the Nublo, held on Saturday.

Alberto González, of the Macaco Fit, stopped the chrono in one hour, 19 minutes and 37 seconds. He was followed in the ranking by Esteban García and Manuel Jesús Luján, second and third, respectively, just less than six minutes from the winner.

Meanwhile, Deborah Sigut, from DyK Extreme, won the most outstanding triumph of the Canary Islands by being the fastest to reach the Real de Teror street. He was accompanied on the podium by his teammate Diana Hernández and Africa Vidina Thadani, who arrived five and eight minutes, respectively, from the winner.

The event, promoted by the City Council of Teror and the company DG Eventos, turned the Finca de Osorio into an authentic amusement park with trenches, ditches, trenches and many more elements that made things very difficult for the brave ones who dared to participate .


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