June 15, 2021

Alberto Gonzlez and Cristina Rivero rise with victory in the 35 km event – La Provincia

Alberto Gonzlez and Cristina Rivero rise with victory in the 35 km event - La Provincia

The athletes Alberto González Y Cristina Rivero they win the queen test of the III Parallel Intermountain 28, a long race of 35 kilometers, which culminated in 4:44:41 she and 3:23:26 him. They were accompanied on the podium, Samuel Ortega and José Antonio Hernández, with 3:23 and 3:29, respectively. The female podium was completed with Sita Ojeda, and a time of 5:01 and María Guadalupe Padrón, with 6:07.

In total, in the four races held between Friday and Saturday, 400 runners, including adults and minors, took the start. To highlight the presence of 14 foreign athletes, from 10 countries as Germany, Algeria, Belgium, Holland, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Peru and Portugal. And of clubs like the Laurisilva, of La Gomera, of which up to 25 of its members moved to La Aldea de San Nicolás.

The first event held on Friday night, the Vertical, was won in the men's category by the Canary Islands champion, Samuel Ortega, with a time of 47:45 and the village girl, Sita Ojeda, with 1:09, among the females.

Domingo Juárez, Roy Salazar and Alexis Almeida, were winners in the middle race (21.7 km); In the women's category, Mónica Zofio, Sara Quesada and Rosa Delia López took the podium.

Finally, in the Court, of 8.2 kilometers, Jezabel Jiménez, Yurena Castrillo and Patricia Rodríguez, marked the best times in the feminine category. Aday López Abellán, Carlos Jesús Hernández and Alejandro López, in the men's category.

This year there has been a significant increase in enrollment in all the tests, reaching a hundred more athletes. It has also been attended by several champions of the Canary Islands, who have taken part in the various tests, in addition to the presence of World Champion Cristofer Clemente, who was injured could not take part, but has participated in all the activities planned.

The mayor, Tomás Pérez, welcomed all the participants in the different tests, highlighting in his speech the large number of participants of this edition, about 500 among all the tests, some arriving from up to ten foreign countries. In addition, it is important to increase the number of volunteers, about 120, who deal with the delivery of numbers, attention to the corridor, refreshments, etc.


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