August 12, 2020

Alberto Ginés, from the sofa to the Olympic Games

With 17 years he has achieved the classification for Tokyo 2020 when the climb will be released as an Olympic discipline

«I already have it a little more assimilated, but I still don't get to the idea of ​​how that is going to be. I can't even imagine it! ”Says the climber from Cáceres Alberto Ginés, that with 17 years and in his first season in absolute category he has managed to qualify for the Tokyo Games, where his sport will debut as an Olympic discipline. «My friends from Cáceres were freaking out. I got the message cell phone. It was quite crazy, ”says Alberto a little cold from the CAR (High Performance Center) of Sant Cugat. "The stress will have lowered my defenses a little," he laughs.

Music fan, he has an "little old man" mp3 that accompanies him on all his trips, and the PlayStation, "although now I don't have much time to give the controls", Alberto got his ticket to the Games last weekend. Week in the Pre-Olympic held in Toulouse. «At the beginning of the season, I saw this as impossible. In fact until the last World Cup was not even qualified for the Pre-Olympic. I qualified at the last moment and said "enough is enough". But look, it seems not, ”he says. «Speaking with the Federation, we quantified half as a joke, seriously, that we only had a 5 percent chance of entering because he is a very young kid, because we do not have the resources that other federations such as Austria, China and Italy have , but still we do not stop trying, ”says David Maciá, coach of the Spanish team and coach Alberto for seven years. "I remember as if it was yesterday when his father approached me at a campsite in Aragon and told me that if he could train his son," recalls the man who has directed one of the two world champions that Spain has had in climbing. «I saw something special about that shy boy who goes uninhibited on the wall and I didn't hesitate to show up at his house three years ago. It was clear that Alberto could be an Olympic », remember. The parents of the boy took him as crazy, but Macià, who is not one of those who throw the towel at the first exchange, has managed to get Alberto to live the dream that every athlete craves. « For me it will be very rare. A couple of years ago I was calmly at home watching the World Cups with my father and now I will be next to Adam Ondra (four times world champion). It will be a very curious thing», Says the cacereño.

After kilometers and more kilometers by van, in Spain there are only three walls (one in Pamplona and two in Madrid) to practice the speed mode, which consists of climbing a wall of 15 meters as quickly as possible, Alberto expects his classification for Tokyo mark a before and after. «We are very late. We always have to go abroad to prepare some competition. Let's see if now with this Games we get them to do more infrastructure. In Spain there are very few and those that are not very good », He says.

Alberto, who has gone from contesting youth competitions to being surrounded by his idols, blames his progression to spend time with his own. «Just before the Pre-Olympic we were training one morning in Innsbruck. I saw him a little saturated and told his father, who was there with us, to take him to Cáceres to spend a few days. We go back to this, I said, ”says David Maciá. «Being at home came to me phenomenal. I returned reset. When I am with my parents, my energies are renewed, ”says Alberto. It is not much to talk on the phone, he sent his mother a whatsapp after achieving his qualification for the Olympic Games. From Tokyo he will tell you if he can get on the podium.

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