Alberto Garzón starts a round of contacts tomorrow to regulate gambling advertising




Consumer Minister Alberto Garzón will start a round of contacts tomorrow, Thursday with the gaming sector with the aim of establishing a consensus to regulate the advertising of gambling and betting. Next Thursday the minister will meet with economic and social agents that are part of the Responsible Gaming Advisory Council (CAJR) and other meetings will be held in the coming weeks, the Ministry said in a statement.

The purpose of these meetings is to reach a consensus to promote a royal decree "that sets the limits of advertising for gambling and online betting at the state level", with an eye on preventing and curbing gambling.

"The social demand and the consensus of the parliamentary arch around this problem require the Government of Spain to implement preventive measures, awareness, control and intervention on the serious damage that the game activity can produce in certain people, especially among vulnerable groups, "said the Ministry.

The department of Garzón wants to promote a royal decree that develops Law 13/2011 on game regulation.

This rule covers everything from advertising, sponsorship and promotion of gaming activities to aspects related to the protection of consumers and responsible gaming policies.


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