Alberto Garzón rules out "a serious shortage problem" in Spain




Although there are reports and analysts who warn that the global trade crisis will put the Christmas campaign and the supply available during shopping days at risk, the Government continues without a plan in this regard. Nor to stop the rise in prices that various sectors are already transferring to the shopping basket. The Minister of Consumption, Alberto GarzonHe assured this Thursday that the Government has "no projection that there will be a serious problem of shortages in the Spanish economy that affects consumers" given the supply problems registered in world trade.

In an interview on Canal Sur Televisión, Garzón explained that what is taking place in world trade is normal after the pandemic, since demand has skyrocketed and supply has not yet recovered activity levels or in the logistics area. Consequently, there has been a mismatch between supply and demand and a rise in prices, according to the head of Consumption.

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